Eyenet proudly offers these services to all  clients

IT Consulting Services

Here are our key IT Consulting Services

Service 1 – Consultation

A professional IT consultant will visit you at your site and walk through your setup systems to ensure that we understand your needs. Our suggestions will include a support plan, potential improvements that could be made, and a roadmap for growth. Our services can be tailored for any budget and will ensure you are well supported.

Service 2 – Hardware Installation

We are able to support your business more than just services. We offer hardware installation ranging from servers to complete security systems. We also liaison with other professional companies and ensure that high standards of work are adhered to.

Service 3 – Custom Manufactured Solutions

Eyenet has partnerships with various professional companies with the means to create different solutions for you. From custom server racks that can house powerful AC units, to protecting equipment in the outdoors, we can help you find the right solution.