EYENET Disaster recovery

Plan for the worst and hope for the best. Our Disaster Recovery service will provide your business with a custom risk mitigation plan that will minimize disruption during a disaster. No one can predict what may happen in the future, but our mitigation plan will ensure that all key resources and functions of your business remain operational.

Earthquakes. Pandemics. Hurricanes. Tsunamis. Disasters can strike with swift and deadly results.

Digital data is also susceptible to hardware failure, data corruption, viral infections, and ransomware.

Eyenet offers a scalable series of services that will help to protect your systems and business from potential threats.

Disaster Recovery

Features of our Disaster Recovery service

Feature 1 – External Drives

Simple backups are common, quick and efficient – they are a great start for ensuring data security, but should not be your only solution.

Feature 2 – Offsite Storage

When data is critical to your business, you should have offsite storage in case of fire, natural disasters, and human error.

Feature 3 – Cloud Services

Sleep soundly knowing that your data is well protected in a virtual location that may be in another city on the other side of the country or continent.