We specialize in locating and procuring technology at a low cost. We can supply your business with unique IT products and hardware that is tailored to your specific needs.

Technology is always moving forward with ever changing products and hardware.

Eyenet is familiar with vendors worldwide and we can tailor a solution for you by procuring unique goods that might not be available in North America.

We have provided many customers with custom product designs and goods to meet the specifications of their unique needs.

These include items such as:

Custom Security Cameras

Camera systems designed for remote sites that required no external cables. These cameras are wireless, and have self-sufficient power sources.

Custom security cameras designed for customers for use in remote sites without power or wifi.

Li-ion Battery 40AH 12V

5X HD IP DOME (2.7-13.5mm); night vision 20-80 meters

HD 3 Mega Lens

support TF card max 128G

support 3G/4G SIM card

Optional-Audio talkback

60 Watts Solar panel


Remote Terminal Unit (RTU)

We have great experience with RTUs that is designed to control numerous field devices. These devices ensure that security cameras can feed directly to a stream that then can be accessed by your cellphone. Realtime security at your fingertip.

Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) built to control numerous field devices for our client. This specific device controls:

Seven different devices

Remote camera streaming to cellphone

Solar powered

support 3G/4G SIM card

Industrial Wireless Router IoT Gateway

We can support even City Infrastructure with our experience and knowledge. Such as this industrial grade, Wireless IoT Gateway. While the images are generic, for NDA purposes, they are the ones used to showcase the client our concept. It was approved, implemented, and successfully completed.

Smart Home Automation – Electric Control Panel

If you are going to do a job, do it right.

Eyenet has high goals of excellence and this includes proper routing, wiring, and centralization of necessary hardware. Control Panels are a great way of generating a clean environment that can be serviced with ease.

Smart Mobile Off-Grid Solar Energy Trailer

A long name but very descriptive of its design and function.

Custom-designed for a client and used in situations where only wifi can safely reach. This unit ensures the client had dedicated security in a remote area of their site.

Portable Solar Power

With today’s needs of laptops, computers, and various other tools. Energy is a premium you cannot ignore.

We offer products like the Galaxi II Power unit that can ensure that your offsite needs are supported by reliable hardware.

From small portable units, for cellphones, to APUs for servers, and offsite units, Eyenet can get you what you need.